Welcome to HCDC.me. The main purpose of this website is to present data published by or through the Harris County District Clerk in a readable and readily accessible and searchable format.

Civil (includes family)

  • Activities – case events such as the filing of a petition, an answer, payment of the jury fee, case designated as ready for trial, certain types of motions, case sent to jury, verdict rendered, dismissed, etc.
  • Parties – updates every time a new party is added or an attorney enters an appearance for an existing party.
  • Service – updates every time process is requested for service or the clerk receives a return of service or non-service of civil process.
  • Settings – records the date, reason, result, and sometimes requesting party, for settings in civil cases, whether by submission or oral hearing.
  • Summaries – captures changes to the basic information about a case: the type of action, whether a judgment has been entered and the date, and the case status.


  • Filings – updates every time a new criminal charge is entered.
  • Dispositions – updates every time a case is dismissed or no-billed, pled out, probation is revoked, or there is a conviction.