ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)


Case No.ActivityCase TypePagesFiled byLast Modified
201612663ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Rachel Osterhage2021-11-26
201612663ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Robert Joseph Osterhage2021-11-26
201431480ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Dennis Ray Mcgee2021-11-26
202173855ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Jasper Thomas Begley2021-11-24
202174098ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Geico General Insurance Company2021-11-24
201942509ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 P.a. D/b/a Brs Architects Brs Architect A.i.a.2021-11-24
201958037ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Alexander Ortiz2021-11-24
201826464ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Priscilla A Ritz2021-11-24
201827414ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Heather Marie Warren2021-11-24
202068593ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0The Travelers Indemnity Company2021-11-24
202165342ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Juan D. Villareal2021-11-24
202157980ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Aber Fence And Supply Company Inc2021-11-24
202159535ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Audrey Miller2021-11-24
202162576ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202163004ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202163035ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202163228ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202163369ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202164016ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Heber Torres Bonilla2021-11-24
202165134ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202165136ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202101424ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Garrison Property And Casualty Insurance Company2021-11-24
202101424ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Usaa Insurance Agency Inc2021-11-24
202114039ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Anna Wood2021-11-24
202120555ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Derek Todd Rowell2021-11-24
202165519ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Ad Hospital East Llc2021-11-24
202168341ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Lisa Elaine Bennett-harris2021-11-24
202170305ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Jose Octavio Tovar2021-11-24
202170780ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-24
202170853ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Bradley Christian Landry2021-11-24
202170853ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Trustworthy Trucking Llc2021-11-24
202171170ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company2021-11-24
201535273ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Eric Anthony Hill2021-11-23
201602552ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Catrina Chantel Williams2021-11-23
201851043ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Daniel Sanchez Gonzalez2021-11-23
202119983ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Patricia Kluth Miles2021-11-23
202163032ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Josue Jesus Ramirez2021-11-23
202169467 (NEW)ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Marcia Gomez2021-11-23
202061321ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Soklin Phea2021-11-23
202176813ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Dale Hubert2021-11-23
202160208ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Arlette Brizeida Sanroman2021-11-23
202160582ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Susan Morreale2021-11-23
202122144ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Jacqueline Christine Barnes2021-11-23
202131758ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Addison Khong2021-11-23
202154686ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Gloria Elizabeth Garcia2021-11-23
202171051ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0H E B Lp2021-11-23
202171051ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0H E Butt Grocery Company (d/b/a Heb Food Store #540)2021-11-23
202171051ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Heb Food Store #5402021-11-23
202165294ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Marc Jones2021-11-22
202167749ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Leena Dy Vuor2021-11-22
202168385ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Stevens Farris Mafrige2021-11-22
202169304ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Summer Laich2021-11-22
202169838ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Allstate Fire And Casualty Insurance Company2021-11-22
202170046ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Crane Co (sued Individually And As Successor-in-interest To Chapman2021-11-22
202170372ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Dorothy Greenwood2021-11-22
202171097ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Herbert Chavez2021-11-22
202171097ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Performance Transportation Llc2021-11-22
202166227 (NEW)ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Mikhail Dionte Aka Michael Dionte Wilson Wilson2021-11-22
202146112ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Xochilt Berenice Martinez2021-11-22
202149774ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Taylor Elizabeth Shen2021-11-22
202155862ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Remy Amerique Inc2021-11-22
202155862ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Remy Cointreau Usa Inc (formerly Remy Amerique Inc)2021-11-22
202163683ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Maria Reyna Shugart2021-11-22
202163862ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Steven Jr Paredes2021-11-22
202164063ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0S D P Manufacturing Inc2021-11-22
201775552ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Keisy Lilibel Rosario Rodriguez2021-11-22
201775552ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Keisy Lilybell Rosario Rodriguez2021-11-22
201905521ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Thomas Cordova2021-11-22
201985073ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Melissa Ann Olivo2021-11-22
200679235ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Lakeysha Semere2021-11-22
202168276ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Hannah Parisa Siboyeh2021-11-19
202168276ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Joseph Siboyeh2021-11-19
202168715ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Sausto Gochez2021-11-19
202169143ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Aldi (also Known As Aldi (texas) Llc)2021-11-19
202169288ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Ford Motor Company2021-11-19
202169657ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0City Of Houston2021-11-19
202169716ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital2021-11-19
202169716ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Memorail Hermann Health System (d/b/a Children's Memorial Hermann2021-11-19
202169716ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Memorial Hermann Health System (d/b/a Memorial Hermann Hospital)2021-11-19
202169716ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Memorial Hermann Hospital2021-11-19
202136618ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Rodney Hamilton2021-11-19
201518140CANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Jpmorgan Chase Bank2021-11-19
202155810ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Brian Howerton2021-11-19
202155810ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Lone Star Transportation Llc2021-11-19
202157271ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Ryan Sanchez2021-11-19
202160576ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Gregorio Montenegro2021-11-19
202075253ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Unknown Shareholders Successors And Assigns Of Bhl Equipment Inc2021-11-19
201466643ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Murat Yildirim2021-11-19
201642357ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Lourdes Suyapa Ferrera2021-11-19
201724671ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Winnie Al Wazzan2021-11-19
202147248ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Misty Rain Mckay2021-11-19
202157407ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Jasmine Montano2021-11-19
202159254ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Christopher Sean Valentine2021-11-19
202159346ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Saul Garcia2021-11-19
200824590ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Amy Leann Renaud2021-11-19
202128800ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Russell Mechler2021-11-18
202137841ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Ivy V. Ricketts2021-11-18
202169204ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Dinora R Gonzalez2021-11-18
202170046ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Viacomcbs Inc (fka Cbs Corporation Fka Viacom Inc Successor-by-merger2021-11-18
202171826ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Houston Ear Nose & Throat Clinic Llp2021-11-18
202171826ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0James C Martin Jr Md Pa2021-11-18
202171826ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 James C Jr Md Martin2021-11-18
201125852ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Manuel Tepexicuapan Arenas2021-11-18
201315890ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Steven Raymond2021-11-18
201409999ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Julie Nicole Curry2021-11-18
201803665ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Sherita (in Rem Only) Lott2021-11-18
202101954ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0American Commercial Capital Llc (in Rem Only)2021-11-18
201887710ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Ana Ramos2021-11-18
202158478ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Harris County Appraisal District2021-11-18
202160709ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Brenda J Jackson2021-11-18
202158247ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Fernanda Landeros2021-11-17
202165345ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Joshua Keith Perry2021-11-17
201409257ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Joseph Daniel Rowe2021-11-17
201826464ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Priscilla A Ritz2021-11-17
202165446ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Juan Herrera2021-11-17
202029725ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company2021-11-17
201937438ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Raymond Rincon2021-11-17
201938062ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Evalinda Estrada2021-11-17
202168998ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Wal-mart Stores Texas Llc2021-11-17
202170030ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Joshua Eglin2021-11-17
200579146ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Vanecia Tolbert Alexander2021-11-17
201043019ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Donyette Michell Green2021-11-17
202139151ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Manuel Villatoro2021-11-17
202145881ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Fatima Odiachi2021-11-17
202150780AANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0First Transit Inc2021-11-17
202152105ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Kristine Cordova2021-11-17
201821318ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Sabra Smith2021-11-17
201821318ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Stevon L. Smith2021-11-17
202078953ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Pedro M Gracia2021-11-17
202065589ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Jamie Soyica Gonzalez2021-11-17
202169440 (NEW)ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Gloria Fuest2021-11-17
202150811ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0The Medical Resort At Pearland2021-11-16
202150811ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Senior Care Excellence Llc2021-11-16
202150811ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Apollo Healthcare At Pearland Llc (dba The Medical Resort At Pearland)2021-11-16
202147906ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Lina Liu2021-11-16
202144854ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 William Talley2021-11-16
202022017ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Michael Christopher Thompson2021-11-16
202170214ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0City Of Houston2021-11-16
202068156ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Phillip Berrospe2021-11-16
202068156ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Matthew ( Aka Phillip Berrospe ) Berrospe2021-11-16
201316676ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Miguel Pedraza2021-11-16
201073304ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Justin Hutchens2021-11-16
202129762ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Jose M Ruiz2021-11-16
202166304ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Izura Jennifer Garcia2021-11-16
202159366ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Gary Leon Patton2021-11-16
202159254ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Christopher Sean Valentine2021-11-16
202153818ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Tyree Jameel Posey2021-11-16
202165950ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Michael Lattal2021-11-16
202161470ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Gastroenterology Consultants P A2021-11-16
202163890ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Emily Ann Morales2021-11-15
202166510ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Salatiel Martinez Padilla2021-11-15
202168400ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Luis Armando Mireles2021-11-15
202107199ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Tahira (dba Feminine Touch Beauty Salon Inc) Shaikh2021-11-15
202114942ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Royce Carrigan2021-11-15
202133617ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Crystal Hernandez2021-11-15
201827104ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Adrianna Maria Ceceno2021-11-15
202163110ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Juan Francisco Jr Caceres2021-11-15
202165037ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Away2021-11-15
202165037ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Jrsk Inc (d/b/a Away)2021-11-15
202167660ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Beamon Welch2021-11-15
202167660ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Brian R Welch2021-11-15
202167660ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Susie S Welch2021-11-15
202128297ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Arrianna Saldivar2021-11-15
202149918ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Cindy Corbett2021-11-15
202149918ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 David Corbett2021-11-15
202149918ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Stephen Corbett2021-11-15
202153117ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Samir Soltane2021-11-15
202136888ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0Ryder2021-11-15
202120077ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Maria Fernanda Marquez2021-11-15
202013453ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Cherika Nicole Edwards2021-11-15
200529640ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Martha Alicia Sierra-medina2021-11-15
202076676ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)CIV0 Jateica Bearden2021-11-15
202102983ANSWER (Activity Code ANS)FAM0 Bruce Bottger2021-11-15

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