Criminal charges filed 2019-08-16

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Courtney Patrick Ellison1977-11-01 Theft Of Service More Than $2,500<$30k164264701010
Andriah Johnson1999-02-02 Assault Public Servant164265301010
Fabian Cortez Bradley1979-01-20 Man/Del Controlled Substance, Penalty Group I 200-400 Grams164265601010
Alvin Troy Edgerson1966-12-06 Theft <$2,500 2/More Prev Conv164266501010
Kynan Jasper1989-10-02 Aggravated Robbery-Deadly Wpn164270001010
Angel Araiza1986-08-03 Credit/Debit Card Abuse164270201010
Anthony Otis Soraci1955-07-05 Thft Mat Alum/Brnz/Coppr/Brass164270901010
Anthony Otis Soraci1955-07-05 Thft Material Alum/Brnz/Coppr/164270901010
Cory James1981-01-12 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams164271101010
Omar Bashir Ahmed1994-06-25 Injury Child Under 15 B/Injury164271301010
Omar Bashir Ahmed1994-06-25 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/164271401010
Gilberto Cesar Rodriguez2001-01-10 Burglary Of Habitation164271501010
Angel Mendoza2001-12-21 Burglary Of Habitation164271601010
Homero Solis1985-06-18 Aggravated Kidnapping164272001010
Victor Hugo Gonzalez1995-06-12 Robbery-Threats164276101010
Victor Hugo Gonzalez1995-06-12 Robbery-Threats164276201010
Kamal Ghassan Ahmad Alasmar1989-10-05 Poss Gambl Device/Equip/Para227368001010
Najuana Yvette Pleasant1978-02-21 Driving While Intoxicated227370801010
Janarius Trevon Porter1996-06-03 Criminal Trespass227371101010
Viridiana Moreno Castillo1994-12-03 Driving While Intoxicated227373301010
Yonathan Taboada Pupo1993-12-17 Drv With Lic Inv With Pr Cn/Sus/W/O227374201010
Nigel Oree1975-09-19 Driving While Intoxicated227374501010
Ernest Joseph Frilot1969-02-26 Drv With Lic Inv With Pr Cn/Sus/W/O227375001010
Justin Dat Vu1997-09-17 Driving While Intoxicated227375201010
Khuong Anh Ho1989-04-14 Driving While Intoxicated227375301010
Rafael Jr Diaz1995-02-05 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15227376701010
Karla Murillo1996-12-13 Driving While Intoxicated227376801010
Jesse Bagoli Gnakan2001-06-08 Theft More Than $100<$750227377701010
Ray Anthony Lemons1955-11-25 Terroristic Threat Fear Immine227378101010
Terry Magee1981-10-14 Assault-Family Member227378301010
Nebiyou Said1972-04-09 Criminal Trespass227378901010
Maurice Cruise1988-07-02 Criminal Trespass227379001010
Johnothan Fields.1989-11-17 Criminal Trespass227379201010
Johnnie Smith1969-09-17 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous227379401010

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