Criminal charges filed 2020-07-20

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Lovely Princess Jerome1986-05-29 Burglary Of Habitation168292901010
Ronald Dean Stanfield1992-07-08 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168293001010
Kyle James Tvrdik1993-01-21 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g168293101010
Kelly Lynn Harris1976-11-24 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168293801010
Paul Andrew Hipp1948-06-16 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168294301010
Adalberto Saucedo1990-06-06 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168294901010
Jeremy Garcia2002-01-31 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168295001010
Derez Tezeno1985-12-31 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168295201010
Matthew Tolliver1984-01-24 Tamper Govt Record-Harm168295601010
Eli Lemon1988-10-09 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168296201010
Kent Marshall1964-01-18 Assault-Family Member168296701010
Daniel Jr Zamora1995-04-16 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168297201010
Desmond J Adair1991-02-16 Injury Child Under 15 B/Injury168299501010
Cameron Lee Davis1987-04-30 Assault-Family Member168299701010
Lena Woods1978-06-28 Aggravated Robbery-Deadly Wpn168300201010
Jose Manuel Mendiola Tovar1995-02-25 Assault Peace Officer168302001010
Joseph Hoang Nguyen1967-03-03 Retaliation168302301010
Ashton Broussard1990-01-14 Assault Public Servant168303001010
Davonte Garrison1996-09-12 Proh Substance Correct Facilit168303501010
Otis Russell Parks1995-12-31 Proh Substance Correct Facilit168303601010
Pete Alexander Medina1991-01-02 Aggravated Aslt-Ser Bod Injury168304601010
Martin Vargas Rodriguez1997-10-02 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2231896101010
Wenser Jaffet Carrero1994-08-01 Terroristic Threat Fear Immine231896301010
George Arnold Barcenas1995-11-27 Assault-Family Member231896501010
Elijah Moses Gutierrez1999-06-11 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams231896801010
Elijah Moses Gutierrez1999-06-11 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle231896901010
Chadrick Terrelle Byrd1991-09-19 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle231897101010
Luis Alfonso Cardenas1990-02-20 Assault-Family Member231897401010
Pete Tristan1991-03-24 Interfere Duties Pub Servant231897501010
Ernest Mccauley1979-06-05 Evading Arrest/Detention231898101010
Johnathan Cogdill1993-05-17 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf/F231898701010
Taquan Rashaad Wilson1995-04-24 Driving While Intoxicated231898901010
Mateo Reyes2003-03-24 Assault-Bodily Injury231899601010
Angelica Rodriguez1989-04-28 Criminal Trespass231901601010
Angelica Rodriguez1989-04-28 Evading Arrest/Detention231901701010
Brett Cavender1988-11-18 Criminal Trespass231901801010
Brett Cavender1988-11-18 Evading Arrest/Detention231901901010
Kyle Cavender1993-10-18 Criminal Trespass231902001010
Kyle Cavender1993-10-18 Evading Arrest/Detention231902101010
Michael Conwell1996-04-05 Evading Arrest/Detention231902301010
Noel Ortiz1984-09-23 Discharge Firearm Metro Area231902401010
Felix Fuentes1987-03-23 Discharge Firearm Metro Area231902501010
Clardy Yudith Escobar1990-04-23 Assault-Family Member231903301010
Ronald L Aerts1960-08-10 Driving While Intoxicated231904701010
Jose Manuel Mendiola Tovar1995-02-25 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd231905501010
Daniel Valdez2002-12-25 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams231906301010
Esperanza Fransisca Rocha1981-09-17 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15231906401010

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