Criminal charges filed 2020-08-15

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Denise Matthews1987-12-10 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168620001010
Larry Samuel1955-10-02 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168620801010
Adrian Eulalio Galindo1981-08-18 Deadly Conduct168620901010
Dexter Gallien1999-10-08 Man/Del Controlled Substance, Penalty Group Iii/Iv <28 Gram168621201010
Andy Belleh1982-06-27168621301010
Keyana Gloria Anakwa1996-07-08 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g168621601010
Aldo Lopez2003-08-06 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168621701010
David Kevin Blackwell1977-10-03 Tamper/Fabricate Phys Evd With In168621901010
Andy Belleh1982-06-27 Fraud/Use/Poss Id Info-Less 5168622101010
Andrew Torres Banda1999-10-15 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168622401010
Jessica Ann Corindia1980-08-20 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168622501010
James Santos2000-04-27 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168622801010
Julian Rodriguez1999-11-29 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168623501010
Julian Rodriguez1999-11-29 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168623601010
Demetrias Ethridge1994-03-24 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168623901010
Epiphany Renee Flakes1990-09-20 Robbery-Threats168624001010
Montrell Black1990-02-25 Burglary Of Habitation168624201010
Jessica Danyail Davis1987-07-08 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168624301010
Francisco Javier Moreno1994-01-27 Tamper/Fabricate Evidence168624701010
Kenney Foote1975-06-15 Possession With Intent To Deliver Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1g <4 Gr168624901010
Tremaine Clinton Mccarthy1997-10-06 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168625301010
Allen Wilde Donovan1976-04-21 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle168625401010
Milford Valentine1988-08-24 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168625901010
Braylon Earl Anderson1995-08-19 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168626001010
Joseph Ray Garcia1982-01-27 Bribery168626101010
Ryan W Jones1984-12-04 Continuous Viol Against The Fa168627901010
Ryan W Jones1984-12-04 Viol. Of Protective Order Enh.168628001010
Edgardo Joel Pacheco-Cruz1998-01-13 Assault Peace Officer168628201010
Willie Smith1993-02-19 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168628601010
Deshun Q Barnes1976-08-20 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168628801010
Deshun Q Barnes1976-08-20 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168628901010
Silvano Gonzalez1975-01-11 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168629301010
Tony Almazan2001-02-02 Proh Substance Correct Facilit168629701010
Lisa-Ann Alicia Mckinley1980-08-20 Aggravated Assault-Family Member168629801010
Lisa-Ann Alicia Mckinley1980-08-20 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g168629901010
Joshua Johnson1988-10-24168630701010
Jorge Omar Salman1995-04-21 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168631001010
Corey Edward Rector1978-02-24 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168632301010
Anthony Mareno2002-07-01 Unlaw Carry Wpn232184901010
Anthony Mareno2002-07-01 Evading Arrest/Detention232185001010
Luis Hernandez1979-10-12 Assault-Family Member232185201010
Sadie Mae Hill1957-06-29 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous232185301010
Christopher Gomez1995-03-22 Assault-Bodily Injury232185801010
Christopher Gomez1995-03-22 Interfere Duties Pub Servant232185901010
Shawn Michael Macho1987-01-27 Criminal Trespass232186301010
Shawn Michael Macho1988-10-05 Criminal Trespass232186301010
Cullen D. Rickert1990-08-23 Crim Tres Hab/Shltr/Suprfund/I232187001010
Andrea Ruby De Leon2002-08-29 Assault-Family Member232188701010
Luis Francisco Magdaleno1991-08-11 Assault-Family Member232188901010
Dylan Mincey1996-04-18 Evading Arrest/Detention232189001010
Dezmon Marquil Miles1991-01-19 Crim Misch >=100 <$750232189201010
Joshua Charles Crochet1981-11-30 Driving While Intoxicated232189501010
Devin Michael Castillo1998-01-24 Fleeing/Att Elude Police Off232190501010
Chaddrick Scott Gravenburg1977-01-25 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd232192101010
Dontreil Jcoby Tucker1997-03-21 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf/F232193401010
Willie Smith1993-02-19 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232193801010
Victor Ulises Castro1959-03-10 Criminal Trespass232194001010
Victor Ulises Castro1959-03-10 Resist Arr-Search232194101010
Josue De Jesus Rodas1992-07-19 Assault-Family Member232194401010
Hazel Antoine1999-05-26 Assault-Family Member232194501010
Anthony Hurtado1999-09-22 Driving While Intoxicated232195401010
Alexandria Renee Sykes1987-07-31 Assault-Family Member232195601010
Daniela Lozada Cuellar1994-07-19 Driving While Intoxicated232195901010
Elvis Gonzales1999-07-26 Reckless Driving232196001010
Gerardo Trejo1999-10-16 Reckless Driving232196101010
Juan Carlos Rivas1986-09-05 Assault-Family Member232196601010

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