Criminal charges filed 2020-09-06

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Hazel Mehra1995-10-05 Theft Aggregate =>$2,500<$30k168896501010
Jareal Horton1984-12-29 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168896701010
Jonathan Rosales1996-10-05 Man/Del Controlled Substance, Penalty Group Iii/Iv 28-200 Gr168897601010
Timothy Powers1982-07-30 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle168897701010
Derrick Ladell Goodson1976-10-25 Injury Child Under 15 B/Injury168897901010
Derrick Ladell Goodson1976-10-25 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168898001010
Scott Raul Huembes-Parrales1989-03-13 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168898801010
Scott Raul Huembes-Parrales1989-03-13 Burglary Of Habitation168898901010
Alejandro Ramos1987-08-28 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168899601010
Kenneth Anderson1978-12-19 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams168899701010
Allen Marice Provost-Harris1990-03-22 Unlawful Possession Of Weapon By Felon168900001010
Kevin Castillo1991-08-30 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon168900501010
Jayvier Kile Dorian2000-05-16 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168900801010
Don Nguyen1971-07-16 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168900901010
Aristeo Gonzalez1983-03-11 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/168901101010
Norma Maribel Vega1974-05-22 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168901901010
Alvin Eugene Chatman1969-08-29 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168902401010
Valerie Dupre1981-08-26 Retaliation168902901010
Jo Angelo Rodriguez1988-04-13 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev168903601010
Reza Amini1989-12-31 Burglary Of Habitation168903901010
Eduardo R Diaz1977-09-18 Continuous Viol Against The Fa168904101010
Willie Anthony Johnson1982-04-20 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh168904401010
Mahquel Ricardo Fajardo2003-05-26 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle168905201010
Ervin March1980-09-17 Criminal Mischief More Than $2,500<30k168905301010
Vernice Alfreda Marine1958-04-25 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g168906201010
Thomas J Ruiz1988-06-07 Assault-Family Member232449601010
Thomas J Ruiz1988-06-07 Interfer With Emer Req For Assist232449701010
Adrian James Martinez1999-05-31 Discharge Firearm Metro Area232449901010
Jose Alfredo Canales1995-10-20 Discharge Firearm Metro Area232450001010
Erica Jones1986-05-12 Assault-Bodily Injury232450201010
Syed Javaid Shah1960-04-15 Assault-Bodily Injury232450801010
David Lee Studer1954-02-25 Terroristic Threat232450901010
Jonathan Rosales1996-10-05 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232451701010
Kolbe Allan Doyle1998-06-20 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232452101010
Steven Morales1989-11-07 Assault-Family Member232452201010
Chloe Arthur1989-12-27 Assault-Family Member232452501010
Ross Draper1978-03-13 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232452701010
Christopher Bruce Leon1990-04-13 Terroristic Threat Fear Immine232452801010
Damitra Matrice Milo1976-12-15 Driving While Intoxicated232453401010
Brittany Nicodemus2002-09-10 Assault-Bodily Injury232453501010
Samuel Jaime Pantoja1990-10-10 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2232453601010
Alberto Vega1992-06-15 Driving While Intoxicated232454201010
William Earl Muncey1972-07-30 Driving While Intoxicated232454901010
Carlos Francisco Rodriguez1972-08-27 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232456001010
Blake Mitchell Bishop1985-10-26 Interfere Duties Pub Servant232457201010
Jennifer Jean Rumple1976-11-20 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd232457801010
Ethan Laurents Brock1984-04-15 Reckless Driving232457901010
Jose Luis Bautista Salazar1989-06-09 Driving While Intoxicated232458301010
Clayton Trevino2000-09-12 Evading Arrest/Detention232459801010
Jaime Yaxon-Panjoj2001-04-20 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2232460001010
Derrick Baker1976-05-09 Indecent Exposure232460101010
Victor Garcia Carreon1994-12-05 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232460301010
David Lamont Hawkins1974-08-08 Driving While Intoxicated232460801010
David Lamont Hawkins1974-08-08 Fail Ident To P-O-Fugitive232460901010
Marlon Maximiliano Coronado1995-05-27 Assault-Bodily Injury232461701010
Juan Pablo Velazquez1996-07-01 Driving While Intoxicated232462301010
Esequiel Salazar1985-08-16 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf232463401010
Alezandria Nicole Dotson1998-06-23 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf232463501010
Kristopher Donnell Willams1997-02-13 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous232463701010
James Joseph Galentine1984-10-02 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf/F232464301010
Arturo Bueno1990-12-20 Resist Arr-Search232464401010
Fernando Mendez-Garcia1993-03-26 Evading Arrest/Detention232464601010
Jose David Mireles2001-07-14 Assault-Family Member232464701010
Marcus Lynn Tilley1991-08-14 Unlaw Carry Wpn232465201010
Mahquel Ricardo Fajardo2003-05-26 Criminal Mischief More Than $750<$2,50232465301010
Orhan Uyar1964-06-12 Crim Misch >=100 <$750232465901010
Jorge Vazquez1993-02-10 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous232466101010
Willie Earnest Floyd1997-02-11 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232466801010

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