Criminal charges filed 2020-10-09

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Reinier Baigorria Igarza1986-09-13 Fraud Use/Poss Crdit/Debit Car169322501010
Reinier Baigorria Igarza1986-09-13 Viol Of Motor Fuel Tax Require169322601010
Diana Sade Torres-Hollins1987-07-12 Theft >=2,500 <30,000169326701010
Mandy R. Gallaway1983-10-07 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 2 <1gram169326901010
David Alan Nettles1978-04-02 Invasive Visual Recording169327401010
Enrique Olvera1989-01-15 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle169327701010
Enrique Olvera1989-01-15 Tamper/Fabricate Evidence169327801010
Fernando Vasquez1985-07-04 Burglary Of Habitation169328001010
David Alan Nettles1978-04-02 Invasive Visual Recording169328101010
Lauren Guillory1990-06-03 Theft From Person169328401010
Angel Tavera2002-06-05 Racing On Highway - Ser Bod In169328501010
Christian Garcida1999-10-09 Poss Proh Wpn169329201010
Omar Torres1970-05-28 Criminal Mischief More Than $2,500<30k169330201010
Baron Tristen Sargent1999-04-10 Tamper/Fabricate Phys Evd With In169330301010
Genesis Lorena Vazquez1997-09-18 Assault-Bodily Injury169330901010
Genesis Lorena Vazquez1997-09-18 Endangering A Child169331001010
Tenesha Sade Henderson1985-09-01 Endangering A Child169331201010
Gracie Caroline Moreno1993-05-30 Injury To Elderly169331501010
Maria Liliana Ramirez1973-02-20 Prostitution With 3 Or More Pr169331901010
Eddie Moore1990-11-02 Stalking169332401010
Andrew Michael Correll1991-02-27 Forgery Government Instrument169332701010
David James Miller1983-10-23 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle169333201010
David James Miller1983-10-23 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh169333401010
Cinthia Perez Osorto1993-11-03 Trademark Counterfeiting>=2500169334001010
Curtis Varry Davis1954-04-04 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g169335301010
Curtis Davis1954-04-04 Theft >=2,500 <30,000169335401010
Andrew Michael Correll1991-02-27169335601010
Angelina Brown1978-10-10 Possession With Intent To Deliver/Man/Del Pg1 >=4169336201010
Peggy Lee Brumfield1985-09-23 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1/1-B >=4g<200g169336301010
Joshua Williams1988-07-07 Evading Arrest/Detention232853501010
Mandy R. Gallaway1983-10-07 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams232854201010
Wesley Jermaine Riley1982-12-05 Theft More Than $750 <$2,500232854301010
Ava Manning1967-02-25 Evading Arrest/Detention232854401010
Jorge Moncivaiz1981-11-07 Assault-Family Member232855001010
Kristina Marie Dickinson Kremer1968-11-22 Criminal Mischief More Than $750<$2,50232855101010
Vicente Ronald Pinaula1969-05-24 Assault-Family Member232855301010
Christopher Charles Wheeler1998-04-16 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf232855501010
Rocky Jose Madrid1985-04-29 Driving While Intoxicated232856101010
Rocky Jose Madrid1985-04-29 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232856201010
Lavonna Renee Carson1986-11-26 Assault-Family Member232856901010
Alfonso Gabriel Cid Pereda1988-01-23 Unlawful Restraint232857001010
Timothy Simpson1978-04-05 Criminal Trespass232857501010
Amber Leighann Hensley1995-06-09 Driving While Intoxicated232857801010
Juan Gilberto Ramirez1996-03-31 Discharge Firearm Metro Area232857901010
Dezmon Benoit1988-04-03 Assault-Family Member232858101010
Diana Sade Torres-Hollins1987-07-12 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232858301010
Josue Alan Pena2000-12-27 Racing On Highway232858401010
Luis A Molina Lucero2001-06-03 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232858801010
Isaac Jerome Antione1980-06-29 Poss Dangerous Drug232859001010
Juan M Rodriguez Quintero1974-05-17 Resist Arr-Search232859201010
Elizabeth Ann Mumphery1993-05-30 Evading Arrest/Detention232859401010
Irvin Dejuandre Barnes1998-04-14 Unlaw Carry Wpn232860501010
John Albert White1998-12-12 Unlaw Carry Wpn232860601010
Charles Laston1960-01-20 Assault-Bodily Injury232860801010
Ramon Tovar1978-09-26 Evading Arrest/Detention232861101010
Joseph Hilton Henry1948-01-11 Assault-Family Member232861401010
Alexander Gomez1999-10-01 Interfere Duties Pub Servant232861701010
Javon Dandre Franks1999-03-17 Driving While Intoxicated232862501010
Cartez Donvan Phillips1995-01-23 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle232862801010
Jose Leonardo Larios1985-10-27 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams232863301010
Nija Jackson1996-08-18 Assault-Family Member232863501010
Laquanta Simien1979-07-05 Terroristic Threat Fear Immine232863801010

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