Criminal charges filed 2021-01-01

DefendantDate of BirthChargeCase No.
Darquin Turner1982-01-15 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170463701010
Joshua Coleman1991-06-15 Viol. Of Protective Order Enh.170463801010
German Yobany Betanzo Escobar1995-08-21 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh170463901010
Joseph Figueroa Rojas1988-05-06 Viol. Of Protective Order Enh.170464001010
Daniel Edwards1965-03-11 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams170464201010
Leonard Gettridge1981-05-15 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/170464301010
Anthony Earl Leggett1980-02-04 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g170464401010
Julia Kuhns1986-01-13 Driving While Intoxicated Third170464501010
Cedric Williams1980-02-08 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170464601010
Ralph Waites1991-09-16 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170464701010
Amber Marie Love1990-06-29 Fraud/Use/Poss Id Info- 5-9 It170464901010
Amber Marie Love1990-06-29 500 <30 Theft >=2000170465001010
Sebastian Vasquez1985-02-24 Sexual Assault170465101010
Jesse Villalobos1988-03-20 Driving While Intoxicated Third170465301010
Olin Omokaro1983-12-22 Possession With Intent To Deliver/Man/Del Pg1 >=4170465401010
Charles Reed1956-08-02 Driving While Intoxicated Third170465501010
Ebony Necole Davis-Carter1983-01-22 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170465601010
Pedro V Ayarzagoitia1964-04-02 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170465701010
Jeffri Mills1982-05-05 Att Robbery170465801010
Jeffri Mills1982-05-05 Retaliation170465901010
Darius Jacory Williams1994-05-01 Attempted Burglary Habit With Intent To Commit F170466001010
Joe Trevor Camp1990-01-16 Driving While Intoxicated Third170466101010
Christina Marie Ramey1987-06-16 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh170466201010
Samantha Chrstine Gonzales1993-04-01 Driving While Intoxicated With Child Under 15 Yoa170466301010
Demarcus Jovan Yates1996-05-23 Robbery-Bodily Injury170466401010
Courtney Welch1989-05-03 Possession Of Marijuana 4 Oz. - 5 Lbs.170466501010
Julian Callahan1995-10-30 Evad Arrest/Detention With Prev C170466601010
Monica Lei Levitz1980-08-07 Assault Public Servant170466701010
Walter Young1977-07-11 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle170466801010
Leonardo Narciso Ramos1999-12-12 Unlawful Possession Of Weapon By Felon170466901010
Gloria Garcia1966-03-04 Evad Arrest/Detention With Prev C170467001010
Ileana Coromoto Araujo De Juarez1977-06-25 Theft Aggregate =>$30k<$150k 1170467101010
Darius Jamar Smith1983-10-02 Murder170467201010
Aneshia Lashay Remo1994-04-06 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle170467301010
Tanya Lynne Simmons1999-08-22 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170467401010
Taylor Lee Gomez2001-11-08 Evading Arrest/Detention With Veh170467501010
Taylor Lee Gomez2001-11-08 Aggravated Aslt-Ser Bod Injury170467601010
Anthony Castaneda1983-03-17 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170467701010
Orlando R. Villarreal1959-11-10 Driving While Intoxicated Third170467801010
Carley Williams1985-08-21 Injury To Elderly170467901010
James Biddle1978-07-26 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170468001010
Eleazar Alvarado1977-02-10 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170468101010
Demetria Torrence-Hill1968-12-09 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170468201010
Adelita Navarro1996-06-25 Fraud/Use/Poss Id Info-Less 5170468301010
Edgar Caal-Macz1993-04-11 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/170468401010
Luis Angel Martinez1994-11-19 Driving While Intoxicated With Child Under 15 Yoa170468501010
Jimmy Mercado1996-09-28 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170468601010
William Beal1977-01-10 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170468701010
William Beal1977-01-10 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170468801010
Jesus Sanchez1992-01-30 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170468901010
Yisroel Rosenberg1983-10-26 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170469001010
Yadira Yoselin Martinez1997-10-21 Intoxicated Assault With Veh Serious Bodily Injury170469101010
Harold Bradford1978-07-09 Burglary Of Habitation170469201010
Keith Davis1971-10-23 Burglary Of Habitation170469301010
Callie Quinones1997-12-08 Harassment Of Public Servant170469401010
Ismael Rodriguez1967-06-20 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170469501010
Ismael Rodriguez1967-06-20 Deadly Conduct170469501010
Jose Guadalupe Aguilar1986-04-17 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170469601010
Troy Rene Cordero1971-07-30 Driving While Intoxicated Third170469701010
Marvin Ventura1980-10-20 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170469801010
Corey Duane Byrd1980-08-05 Assault Int/Rck/Imp/Brth/Circ/Pr170469901010
Tiara Michele Blake1996-01-25 Assault - Security Officer170470001010
Adalberto Melendez Luciano1971-06-09 Burglary Of A Building170470101010
Kristy Nash1979-07-19 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170470201010
Lilly Barger2001-07-23 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g170470301010
Carlos E Santander1965-08-04 Tamper/Fabricate Evidence170470401010
Harjel Sebastian Maza1988-03-18 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g170470501010
Baltazar Iii Chavarria1968-11-25 Retaliation170470601010
Joseph Lerome Desmore1983-01-05 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170470701010
Carlos Pastrana Arriaga1970-10-20 Burglary Of Habitation170470801010
Ferdinand Carrera1990-03-17 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170470901010
Javier Villalobs1950-07-04 Aggravated Aslt-Ser Bod Injury170471001010
Carlos Gerardo Ibarra1985-07-10 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 4g - 200g170471101010
Marcus Eugene Evans1976-07-28 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170471201010
Dwayne Darrington1979-11-16 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170471301010
Mark Anthony Knight1993-07-10 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170471401010
Kelly Vara1981-02-16 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170471501010
Miguel Murillo1990-04-18 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170471601010
Nathan Thomas Salazar2003-10-10 Retaliation170471701010
Catalino Fidel Santibanez1993-10-20 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/170471801010
Cristobal Rosales Gonzalez1953-11-16 Burglary Of Habitation170471901010
Jose Jacinto Garcia Castaneda1979-08-07 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170472001010
Christian Sanchez2001-03-08 Unlaw Carry Wpn-Lic Premise170472101010
Ivory Lee Thompson1956-04-20 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170472201010
Decarlos L Demmerritte1979-12-04 Fraud Use/Poss Crdit/Debit Car170472301010
Decarlos L Demmerritte2000-10-09 Fraud Use/Poss Crdit/Debit Car170472301010
Timond James Webb1994-06-24 Aslt Fam/House Mem Imped Brth/170472401010
Jarvis Williams1983-06-01 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170472501010
Karina Elizabeth Arriaza Cruz1986-10-03 Driving While Intoxicated With Child Under 15 Yoa170472601010
Jorge Manuel Alvarado1979-03-21 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170472701010
Alex Cormier1991-05-13 Driving While Intoxicated With Child Under 15 Yoa170472801010
Jonathan Ray Olivares2002-06-11 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle170472901010
Allen Cabrera1998-11-25 Unlaw Carry Wpn-Lic Premise170473001010
Jacob Rodriguez1982-08-25 Driving While Intoxicated Third170473101010
Ledarien Alester Hodge1988-12-28 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams170473201010
Ledarien Alester Hodge1988-12-28 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 <1g170473301010
Richard Mirelez1961-10-24 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170473401010
Charles Arnold Brandyburg1954-10-28 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170473501010
Louis Benjamin Mishoe1940-12-27 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170473601010
Louis Benjamin Mishoe1940-12-27 Aggravated Assault-Family Member170473601010
Latrecia Amos1967-10-04 Assault Family Or Household Member With Prev170473701010
Jose Santos Velasquez1974-09-05 Deadly Cond-Disch F-Arm Hab/Bl170473801010
Jose Santos Velasquez1974-09-05 Discharge Firearm Metro Area170473801010
Carl Lonnell Hodge1988-10-11 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams170473901010
Carl Lonnell Hodge1988-10-11 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1 1 - 4 Grams170474001010
Todd Cesar1985-05-11 000 <$150 Theft More Than $30000170474101010
Enrique Calderon Jr1984-12-19 Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle170474201010
Shelita Yvette Anderson1983-01-13 Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon170474401010
Rudy Joel Vara1985-09-28 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233946901010
German Yobany Betanzo Escobar1995-08-21 Driving While Intoxicated233947001010
Anthony Earl Leggett1980-02-04 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233947101010
Joseph Figueroa Rojas1988-05-06 Assault-Family Member233947201010
Cornelious Quienton Smith1996-11-10 Assault-Family Member233947301010
Anthony Londelle Evan1978-11-06 Viol Protective Order233947401010
Anthony Londelle Evan1988-08-04 Viol Protective Order233947401010
Aron Dwayne Thomas1986-01-29 Evading Arrest/Detention233947501010
Alonzo Edgar Henderson1989-11-10 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233947701010
Chad Christian Burns1994-12-10 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233947901010
Chad Christian Burns1994-12-10 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233948001010
Zoe Alana Moretta1998-09-25 Driving While Intoxicated233948101010
Olin Omokaro1983-12-22 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233948201010
Juan Julio Cavazos1980-12-16 Fleeing/Att Elude Police Off233948301010
Joshua Deshawn Alexander1990-10-16 Unlaw Carry Wpn233948401010
Ralph Waites1991-09-16 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous233948501010
Michael James Frazier1985-07-19 Harassing Communication233948601010
Isaac Merlan1995-01-24 Driving While Intoxicated233948701010
Isaac Merlan1995-01-24 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233948701010
Carlos Ceron Torres1957-11-04 Driving While Intoxicated233948801010
Joe Julian Yanez2000-11-10 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams233948901010
Nicole Bocksnick1994-05-04 Theft More Than $100<$750233949001010
Christina Marie Ramey1987-06-16 Driving While Intoxicated233949101010
Isaac Jr. Garza1976-07-29 Out Of State - Fugitive233949201010
Shanone Lavern Trellis1970-07-19 Assault-Family Member233949301010
Amelia Buckley2000-03-31 Driving While Intoxicated233949401010
Julio Ortega2001-02-10 Driving While Intoxicated233949501010
Karina Dixon1999-12-06 Assault-Family Member233949601010
Dontrell Morrison1992-06-05 Unlaw Carry Wpn233949701010
Dontrell Morrison1992-06-05 Evading Arrest/Detention233949801010
Thomas Avalos1994-08-10 Escape233949901010
Melissa Daniela Hernandez1996-12-24 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233950001010
Melissa Daniela Hernandez1996-12-24 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2233950101010
Mlton Izaguirre Sorto1998-02-15 Interfere Duties Pub Servant233950201010
Steven Blizzard1996-05-13 Assault-Family Member233950301010
Isaiah Barrera2000-02-28 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233950401010
Isaiah Barrera2000-02-28 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams233950501010
Sultan Suleman Punjwani1970-05-08 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233950601010
Rosalee Lajana Perez1971-10-22 Assault-Family Member233950701010
Rosalee Lajana Perez1974-05-08 Assault-Family Member233950701010
Obadiah Dewayne Peoples1993-05-31 Driving While Intoxicated233950801010
Lorenzo Jarrett1999-02-08 Unlaw Carry Wpn233950901010
Monica Lei Levitz1980-08-07 Driving While Intoxicated233951001010
Julian Callahan1995-10-30 Unlaw Carry Wpn233951101010
James Darrin Abramski2003-05-13 Criminal Trespass233951201010
Geovanni Anguiano2003-02-24 Criminal Trespass233951301010
Elmer Guerra Rosales1990-08-14 Driving While Intoxicated233951401010
Jasmine Marie Salazar1991-12-10 Driving While Intoxicated233951501010
Ray Navarro1995-03-10 Fleeing/Att Elude Police Off233951601010
Santos Joel Collantes1981-04-14 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233951701010
Kenneth Ray Kaskin1962-05-23 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233951801010
Travis Smith1988-10-05 Assault-Bodily Injury233951901010
Francisco Torvar Amaya1980-08-10 Driving While Intoxicated233952001010
Kendall Cardwell1994-02-20 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233952101010
Adil J Alsaihati1961-12-24 Driving While Intoxicated233952201010
Rudy Hernandez1977-12-08 Assault-Family Member233952301010
Robert Kneedler1991-08-22 Driving While Intoxicated233952401010
Hector Del Castillo1970-03-13 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233952501010
Freisner Garcia Bedoya1987-09-09 Driving While Intoxicated233952601010
Anthony Ray Bradley1973-09-12 Driving While Intoxicated233952701010
Anthony Ray Bradley1973-09-12 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233952801010
Richard A. Rivers1999-11-24 Driving While Intoxicated233952901010
Ulysses Gibson Granger1988-04-19 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233953001010
Bryanna Lewis1996-04-28 Driving While Intoxicated233953101010
Francisco Villareal1972-04-01 Interfere Duties Pub Servant233953201010
Devon Jamel Davis1997-04-13 Driving While Intoxicated233953301010
Devon Jamel Davis1997-04-13 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233953401010
Carlos Danery Rubi-Mendoza1989-03-04 Driving While Intoxicated233953501010
Devon Joseph Collins1977-05-17 Assault-Family Member233953601010
Trinidad Flores1977-07-05 Driving While Intoxicated233953701010
Brandon Jamal Taylor1989-07-09 Driving While Intoxicated233953801010
Alfonso Orlando Lopez1992-03-06 Assault-Family Member233953901010
Annebelle Marie Schneiders2000-02-23 Driving While Intoxicated233954001010
Annebelle Marie Schneiders2000-02-23 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams233954101010
Erick Chavez2000-06-29 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous233954201010
Felipe Ocampo1973-05-26 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233954301010
Krystal Lynn Carter1983-05-03 Driving While Intoxicated233954401010
Jose Apoderado Correa1985-05-22 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233954501010
Shannah Holley1970-06-05 Driving While Intoxicated233954601010
Leonel Arturo Gonzalez Sanchez1991-05-08 Driving While Intoxicated233954701010
Trenton Lee Steele2001-07-23 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233954801010
Patrick Matila Salalau1996-07-31 Driving While Intoxicated233954901010
Allisan Nicole Alva1992-05-07 Evading Arrest/Detention233955001010
Drake Ryan Chambers1996-06-27 Driving While Intoxicated233955101010
Drake Ryan Chambers1996-06-27 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233955101010
John Escobar1997-04-26 Assault-Family Member233955201010
Asa Saed Evans1997-11-02 Racing On Highway233955301010
Rebecca Diane Miller1981-07-27 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233955401010
Saul Vazquez Gonzalez1995-07-13 Driving While Intoxicated233955501010
Saul Vazquez Gonzalez1995-07-13 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233955601010
Andrew Garrison Propfe1997-10-17 Driving While Intoxicated233955701010
Andrew Garrison Propfe1997-10-17 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233955801010
Arthur Gray1955-01-05 Viol Bond/Protective Order233955901010
Nestor Daniel Garcia1977-03-27 Driving While Intoxicated233956001010
Jesus Sanchez1992-01-30 Driving While Intoxicated233956101010
Jeremy Eugene Taylor1987-05-24 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous233956201010
Emerson Ortez1998-11-02 Harassment - Verbal233956301010
Emerson Ortez1998-11-02 Evading Arrest/Detention233956401010
Aaron Michael Perez1994-07-11 Assault-Family Member233956501010
Freddy Arnoldo Garcia1990-07-03 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2233956601010
Craig Alan Vogler1988-03-14 Driving While Intoxicated233956701010
Parker Poole1997-01-18 Driving While Intoxicated233956801010
Malcolm Rashard Coalbrooke1991-08-04 Driving While Intoxicated233956901010
Joshua Thomas Nagle1992-02-21 Driving While Intoxicated233957001010
Taylor Sweat2001-07-12 Assault-Family Member233957101010
Enrique Cabrieles1993-10-28 Driving While Intoxicated233957201010
Lavina Alicia Escamilla1987-09-25 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf233957301010
Marvin Ventura1980-10-20 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233957401010
Marvin Ventura1980-10-20 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233957501010
Shaquille Jones1993-02-09 Driving While Intoxicated233957601010
Gabrielle Jade Blanton2001-03-13 Driving While Intoxicated233957701010
Briana J. Mccorkle1992-04-25 Driving While Intoxicated233957801010
Artis Dickerson1998-08-20 Driving While Intoxicated233957901010
Artis Dickerson1998-08-20 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233958001010
Samuel Mejia2002-09-27 Driving While Intoxicated233958101010
Joshua Isaiah Walker1988-10-08 Driving While Intoxicated233958201010
Joshua Isaiah Walker1988-10-08 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233958301010
Jeyson Mauricio Duarte1992-01-28 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233958401010
Cristian Humberto Sierra1992-02-09 Assault-Family Member233958501010
Carrie Hill1980-03-12 Out Of County - Fugitive233958601010
Carrie Hill1980-03-12 Out Of County - Misdemeanor233958601010
Carrie Hill1980-03-12 Out Of County - Fugitive233958701010
Carrie Hill1980-03-12 Out Of County - Misdemeanor233958701010
Carlos Benjamin Caxaj Ajpacaja1973-07-29 Interfere Duties Pub Servant233958801010
Matthew Rene Garza1996-03-26 Driving While Intoxicated233958901010
Desiderio Felisiano1989-01-20 Driving While Intoxicated233959001010
Jose Eduardo Mireles Arevalo1991-03-12 Driving While Intoxicated233959101010
Crandon Woodard1972-01-04 Driving While Intoxicated233959201010
Rony Humberto Garcia Molina1995-11-27 Driving While Intoxicated233959301010
Noeal Ramirez-Fricker1999-08-18 Driving While Intoxicated233959401010
William Bodin1997-04-09 Driving While Intoxicated233959501010
Edwin Alberto Dieguez1989-06-15 Driving While Intoxicated233959601010
Joseph Lerome Desmore1983-01-05 Driving While Intoxicated233959701010
Jasmine Maldonado2002-01-14 Driving While Intoxicated233959801010
Jose Gabriel Pardo1990-10-23 Assault-Family Member233959901010
Taylor Antevio Hernandez1994-07-11 Driving While Intoxicated233960001010
Desire Rose Bridges2000-09-01 Driving While Intoxicated233960101010
Albert Charles Campbell1996-05-06 Criminal Trespass233960201010
Albert Charles Campbell1996-05-06 Interfere Duties Pub Servant233960301010
Alfonso Pena Aguilar1993-09-30 Assault-Family Member233960401010
Jose A. Herrera1977-10-08 Assault-Family Member233960501010
Toby Nguyen1987-09-23 Driving While Intoxicated233960601010
Jose Ramos1998-11-12 Refusal To Permit Inspection233960701010
Jose Ramos1998-11-12 Liquor-Violation233960801010
Mark Anthony Knight1993-07-10 Driving While Intoxicated233960901010
Miquel Angel Flores1988-09-17 Driving While Intoxicated233961001010
Willian Abran Juarez1995-01-29 Interfere Duties Pub Servant233961101010
Jessica P. Johnson1996-06-11 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233961201010
Jessica P. Johnson1996-06-11 Failure To Stop And Give Information Acc Attend Damage Vehmore Than $2233961301010
Michelle Payne1991-05-28 Driving While Intoxicated233961401010
Michelle Payne1991-05-28 Possession Of Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 3 <28 Grams233961501010
Corey Bradley Kizer1985-05-17 Assault-Family Member233961601010
Jesus Francisco Garcia Tax1992-04-05 Driving While Intoxicated233961701010
Esthiben Monroy1991-07-29 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233961801010
Bryant Alexander May1981-11-25 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous233961901010
Daniel Rodriguez1992-04-01 Driving While Intoxicated233962001010
Nio Garcia1995-09-15 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233962101010
Daniel Ayala1994-08-16 Driving While Intoxicated233962201010
Kelly Vara1981-02-16 Terroristic Threat Family/Hous233962301010
Miguel Murillo1990-04-18 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233962401010
Nathan Thomas Salazar2003-10-10 Assault-Family Member233962501010
Cedric Lee1999-01-06 Driving While Intoxicated233962601010
Ferris C. Murray1984-08-08 Driving While Intoxicated233962701010
Ferris C. Murray1984-08-08 Carrying Handgun In Motor Vehicle233962801010
Chavelo Anuario Mojica1976-05-06 Assault-Family Member233962901010
Siria Libia Guarchaj Xocol1990-06-18 Assault-Family Member233963001010
John Jacobo1993-12-11 Driving While Intoxicated233963101010
Refugio Rafael Ledesma1981-12-19 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233963201010
Cesar Vazquez Najera1979-08-09 Driving While Intoxicated233963301010
Eleazar Abundis-Marin1990-12-18 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233963401010
Hary Nanja Andriamanana1980-02-28 Driving While Intoxicated233963501010
Justo Alberto Matute1995-08-04 Driving While Intoxicated233963601010
Juan Manuel Villanueva2000-07-02 Discharge Firearm Metro Area233963701010
Decarlos L Demmerritte1979-12-04 Burglary Of Vehicle233963801010
Decarlos L Demmerritte2000-10-09 Burglary Of Vehicle233963801010
Dion Matthews1989-06-02 Driving While Intoxicated233963901010
Tequekma Lasha Adams1988-02-19 Assault-Family Member233964001010
Michael Alexander Olivier1990-12-16 Viol Protective Order233964101010
Crystal Michelle Ridgeway1983-06-10 Criminal Trespass233964201010
Guadalupe Razo1995-10-29 Assault-Family Member233964301010
Gionnah Stevenson2002-05-26 Theft More Than $100<$750233964501010
Demarcuse Laron Sr Jackson1987-01-27 Assault-Family Member233964701010
Jeramy Wayne Chaffin1977-03-27 Theft More Than $100<$750233964801010
Cesar Salvador Rivera Garcia1978-11-23 Theft More Than $100<$750233964901010
Ramon Vega1982-04-27 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233965001010
Marvin A. Gomez Par1995-06-04 Driving While Intoxicated233965101010
Franklin Solorzano1996-10-02 Driving While Intoxicated233965201010
Victor Robles1989-09-02 Crim Misch >=100 <$750233965301010
Edwin Alejandro Mendoza1997-02-02 Driving While Intoxicated233965401010
Tiffani Michelle Moore1997-11-26 Assault-Bodily Injury233965501010
Travis Kipfer1990-02-10 Driving While Intoxicated233965601010
Jermaine Hawkins1983-12-25 Terroristic Threat Fear Immine233965701010
Gilbert Rivas Alvarez1981-11-04 Driving While Intoxicated233965801010
Nelson Armando Sorto-Leiva1990-11-05 Driving While Intoxicated 1st Offender Blood Alcohol Content Greater Than Or Equal To 0.15233965901010
Larry Darnell Sanders1964-01-03 Viol Protective Order233966001010
Cornelius Jude Chaisson1970-10-22 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd233966101010
Quincy Honre Funchess2001-02-17 Tamper With I.d. Personal Prop233966201010
Juan Moises Carbayo1995-05-23 Evading Arrest/Detention233966301010
Juan Moises Carbayo1995-05-23 Failure To Identify Oneself To A Peace Officer False Inf/F233966401010
Patrick Cornell Oconnor1957-09-25 Reckless Driving233966501010
Cindy Corona1994-04-03 Theft More Than $100<$750233966601010
Ramiro Villanueva1996-02-09 Assault-Family Member233966701010

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