Mdf (Type of Action Code: MDF)

Summary Modifications

Case No.Type of ActionCourtCase TypeSubtypeDate FiledPlaintiffDefendantJudgmentJudgment DateStatusLast Modified
Case No. 202115247 Mdf (Type of Action Code: MDF)151CIV20210002 (20210002)2021-03-16Occidental Chemical CorporationIntercontinental Terminals Company Llc1900-01-01Active2021-09-15
Case No. 202115018 Mdf (Type of Action Code: MDF)151CIVOther Civil (20140018)2021-03-15Lyondell Chemical CompanyIntercontinental Terminals Company Llc1900-01-01Ready Docket2021-09-10
Case No. 202151852 Mdf (Type of Action Code: MDF)151CIV20210002 (20210002)2021-08-18Master FileIn Re Itc Deer Park Fire Litigation1900-01-01Active2021-09-07

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